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4-Pack & 6-Pack beer carriers/caddie

Introducing our Beer Carrier/Caddie:  the finest carrier created on this planet (in our humble opinion). Days of carrying good brews in cardboard boxes to your events and picnics are over. Our 4-pack & 6-Pack carriers are handcrafted from red-oak + forged hammered steel, and designed to match the quality of craftbrew that is sitting inside the carrier. 4-Pack and 6-Pack models fit bottles and can of any shape, including 16oz pint cans.


  • 4-Pack Model

    • Approx: 7" Long x 6.5" Wide x 7.5" Tall

  • 6-Pack Model

  • Includes forged steel bottle opener, attached with quality leather to carrier handle. 


  • 3/4" x 3/4" Sized Logo embossed on two "Side Plaques"

  • Choice of: Copper or Brass "Side Plaque" material. 


  • MSRP: $75-85 per unit

  • Wholesale Price: Click Here.

  • New Customers - Order Minimum: Order must meet $300 order-total minimum. Orders can choose multiple products to cover limit. 

  • Return Customers: For established customers, there are no order minimums on this product (or customization fees). 

  • A nominal Shipping Fee is added once order size is confirmed. 

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