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FORGED STEEL tasting flight set \\

Custom Brewery merchandise

FORGED STEEL beer tasting tray/flight set

Introducing our Forged Steel Beer Tasting Set -- this tasting tray is inspired by our love of sipping on tasty craft-beer while innovating new creations in our small forge. This one-of-a-kind forged steel tasting set was created to match the craftsmanship & quality of the micro-brew it's carrying. The top of the tray is forged steel, which is heated to 2000 degrees while red hot and glowing, and shaped to form by hammer strikes on a solid anvil. This top is accompanied by a rustic, red-oak bottom to provide the perfect blend of steel and wood.


We take pride in creating handmade goods that will stand the test of time, and honestly look and feel different than other items you will find. Proudly made by hand in Portland, Oregon in our small blacksmith shop.l


  • Approx: 13" Long  x 3.5" Wide x 5.5" Tall (including handle).

  • Includes Four - 5oz quality tasting glasses per set.


  • 3/4" x 3/4" Sized Logo embossed on two "Side Plaques"

  • Choice of: Copper or Brass "Side Plaque" material. 


  • MSRP: $90-100

  • Wholesale Price: Click Here.

  • New Customers - Order Minimum: Order must meet $300 order-total minimum. Orders can choose multiple products to cover limit. 

  • Return Customers: For established customers, there are no order minimums on this product (or customization fees). 

  • A nominal Shipping Fee is added once order size is confirmed. 

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