4-Pack Beverage Carrier, Beer Caddie w/ Mountain Bottle Opener

4-Pack Beverage Carrier, Beer Caddie w/ Mountain Bottle Opener

Introducing the 4-PACK BEVERAGE CARRIER/CADDIE  ::  the finest carrier created on this planet (in our humble opinion). Days of carrying good brews in cardboard boxes to your events and picnics are over. Includes a custom forged-steel 'Mountain Range Bottle Opener" attached to the handle on a leather loop for easy brew poppin' on the go. 


Our 4-pack carrier is handcrafted from red-oak + forged hammered steel, and designed to match the quality of craftbrew that is sitting inside the carrier. Fits 4 cans or bottles of any shape.



Add your custom name or phrase onto a textured copper plaque, so your friends don't steal your beer. Personalized copper plaque is located on the side of the caddie. Personalization included. 


Happy-hour and Beer:30 approved. Cheers, friends \\



  • Fits all can and bottle sizes.  
  • Includes 'Mountain Range Bottle Opener"
  • Over time and use, natural aging of color will occur on wood and steel. 
  • Beer in photo, sadly not included. 


Handmade in Portland, OR – USA \\ Cold Stream Design Co.

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