Dog Paw Bottle Opener

Dog Paw Bottle Opener

Dog Paw Bottle Opener (“Paw-tle” Opener)

Inspired by our K9 shop labradors' Duchess and Moxie, and ready for your next craft beer — introducing the Dog Paw Bottle Opener! Made from steel in a hot, fire-pumping forge,  and shaped with many hammer strikes -- this dog friendly opener is barking for your next happy-hour with your K9 pal.


-Leather strap included. 

-Size: Approx: 2-1/8” x 2” 


Handmade today and everyday in the city of roses, Portland, OR \\

All sales are final, no returns are permitted at this time.


Handmade in Portland, OR – USA \\ Cold Stream Design Co.

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