Sunflower Coaster Set \\

Sunflower Coaster Set \\

Introducing our Forged Steel "Sunflower Drink Coasters" - Set of 2.

Inspired by our favorite flower, the Sunflower -- these handcrafted sunflower shaped drink coasters are ready to bring joy and warmth into your home. Forged from mild steel and shaped with red hot (2000-F) with a hammer, solid anvil and other blacksmith tools. Each set is unique and completely one-of-a-kind, as each is made by hand. Glasses, cans, coffee cups all rest perfectly on the solid steel center, with beautiful flower peddles stretching out in all directions. We hope we enjoy these as much as we do -- and bring some sunshine and nature into your home.


Proudly made by hand in Portland, Oregon.

-Set of 2 Sunflower Coasters
- Approx. 4.75" wide
- Forged from mild steel, will be able to be passed to many generations down.


Handmade in Portland, OR – USA \\ Cold Stream Design Co.

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